• REGULAR OIL $39.99
    • HIGH MILEAGE $59.99
    • Tire Rotation with Oil change $29.99
    • Winter Tire swap on rims $39.99
    • WInter Tire Swap off rims $79.99 ON MOST CARS
  • $5 visa card with

Start from
39.99 $
  • Mobil bulk oil up to 5L
  • Oil filter change
  • Free fluid top-up
Synthetic Blend
Start from
59.99 $
  • OW 20 - 5W 30
  • Mobil bottle oil up to 5L
  • Free fluid top-up
Synthetic Oil Change
Start from
72.99 $
  • Synthetic oil up to 5L
  • Oil filter change
  • Free fluid top-up

WhyChoose Us

● No Appointment Necessary
● 10 minute oil change
● Express tire change
● Warranty approved oil changes
● We service all makes and models

We offer multiple services at a great value

Biodegradable and eco-friendly products

HowWe Work

The Car Repair Appointment


Help extend the life of your major business investment

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Regarding our technicians, it takes 30 years of ongoing training

Repair Your Car

Convoy Auto Repair provides expert repairs, service


We are proud to have earned the reputation


● Oil Change

● Tire Sale and Service

● Coolant Fluid Drain and Refill

● Air Filter and Cabin Filter Change

● Auto Detailing

● Undercoating

● Fuel System Cleaning

● Battery Service

● Transmission Fluid Change


Our Certified Technicians

  • ● All of our technicians are well trained and certified
  • ● All staff have long experience and knowledge of vehicles
  • ● Proficient at providing quick tire repairs
  • ● Team runs a highly recommended and trusted shop in
  • Vaughan

AboutService Center

  • Understanding Significance of Changing Car Oil on timely basis can extend the life of your car’s engine life; Woodbridge Oil Change center of Mobil 1 Express explains the Role and importance of Oil Change in the car